Kara Haupt

I’m a designer and the woman behind Babe Vibes. I currently work at The New Yorker. Before TNY, I co-led Content and Social Design for the Hillary Clinton campaign. My friend and former Hillary co-worker Meg and I built Do The Most Good, a resource for designers to get involved in progressive political design. I live in Brooklyn, NY by way of Portland, Oregon and Boise, Idaho with my cat, Pip.

I founded Babe Vibes, a collection of work by creative women, in 2014. On our multimedia site, we make publications, interview babes through our popular visual interview series, and promote woman artists and designers in our online store. I act as editor and creative director.

Find more rants, selfies, and jokes on my Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Say hi at hello@karahaupt.com. (My friend Mei interviewed me for Babe Vibes, too).


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