Hi, my name is Kara Haupt.
I’m a designer and this is my work.

Babe Vibes
Babe Vibes is a publication, shop, and collection of work I started in 2014. I act as art director and editor. Babe Vibes came from a place where I wanted to create more work and design with other women — and explore feminism, empowerment, vulnerability, and identity. Some of my favorite BV projects are Methods of Self-Care and Smashing The Patriarchy. Our Pep Talk Generator was featured on Time and Hello Giggles.

Below are some of the products and projects from Babe Vibes.

Pity Party Party
Pity Party Party is a worldwide, online celebration of communal self-pity. Visit the Pity Party Party site for everything you need to host your own pity party — invites, hats, recipes, activities, signs, and playlists.

I created, coded, designed, and photographed the site and content.

The Recollect
The Recollect was my senior thesis project at PNCA. The Recollect is an interactive, digital publication of creative writing by women. With The Recollect, I rethought digital publication by utilizing two concepts — visual writing and nonlinear storytelling — to tell more compelling stories on screens. My goal for this publication was to create writing, imagery, and user experience design to be intimate, shareable, and experiential. The Recollect asks: how do we move through stories? How do we remember and recollect our experiences?

Read a detailed case study on my process creating The Recollect.

Visit The Recollect.

Methods of Self-Care is a print and digital zine I co-wrote and created with Jodie Layne for my project, Babe Vibes. I art directed and designed the zines. You can download your own copy, or purchase one. Methods of Self-Care has been featured on The Hairpin.

Old Man Jägermeister is a redesign of the German alcohol. I challenged myself to simplify and re-package the brand to be both elegant and approachable.

Her: An Archive
In 2013, my grandmother Barbara Haupt suddenly passed away. In addition to being an amazing person and my hero, Grandma was an incredible watercolor artist. I’m the only artist in the family and my grandfather was insistent I inherit her watercolor supplies.

I photographed all her supplies — hundreds of brushes, tools, and paints — and turned the photos into this piece, an archive of an artist and a woman.

The pieces are sized at 22×30″ and printed on watercolor paper.

45 Pep Talks
In early 2014, I wrote myself a pep talk each day for 45 days. With the pep talks I produced this book. You can purchase one at Babe Vibes for a limited time.

Art Journals
I often use art journals to conceptualize project ideas, and explore handlettering. I’ve done this with The Recollect and Babe Vibes.

Here is some of my digital portrait photography.
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